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The top most trustworthy corporate event caterers in Coimbatore

Welcome to ACS. ACS caterers are the top most corporate events and outdoor caterers in coimbatore. Most of the corporate industries and as well as the small scale industries prefer only ACS caterers for the event catering. Corporate catering is not unlike the normal catering orders. We evolve in this field with a great respect and privilege only due to our hard work and dedication in catering.

Planning for a corporate event is not a simple task. It involves a great time and effort. But with a simple mistake your event wholly will collapse and will get a very bad remark. Do you understand what we tries to say? Yes of course it is the choice your catering provider. The very classic event deserves a very good catering order.

That why we instruct you to prefer ACS caterers for corporate event catering in and around Coimbatore. Not only we deliver you the outcome of your food menu we also grant you the theme to your dining with a great effort of excellence. The themes we offer you are way beyond excellence. The title of excellence will only be suitable for ACS caterers in the field of art of catering.


ACS is known as the heart of catering. We wish our catering service as the excellent chance of delivering our passion of cooking. The each and every bit of our services will earn a good remark of excellency for your event. Once the guest get experienced with the ACS services and they never control themselves to give a good comment regarding your event in the society.

Though your party may be a conference or seminar or team building event or trade show or business dinner or golf event or press conference or network event or incentive event or opening ceremony or product launches or theme parties or VIP event or shareholder meeting or award ceremony or board meeting or whatever it may be, but by placing your catering order in ACS will bring you a great success of your idea.


We say so because the food order you prefer them makes a good impression regarding your service of dedication and thus you will earn a good place their mind and as well as in their heart. That what ACS is heard as heart of catering by everyone. We asks you to take a deep relax of wonderful breath and be chill to express your greeting and explore your ideas and share your point of discussion. As ACS is with you forever.

We take care of each and every need of your guest and partners and employees with a wonderful service of comfort. We makes themselves comfort with our services and feels relax and comfort to your concern. That’s the secret of our success and by this way wed also helps you the most to convince them to accept your ideas with a free mind.

We offer a variety of menu with a privilege. Each and every type of menu are perfectly carried out by our unique experts in their specialized field. The use the help of separate team for each types of menu like veg or Brahmin or non-veg or fast food or delicious sweets and desserts or special western class and classical traditional styles with the combination of their own religious style and so on.


Thus whatever and wherever the art of catering goes and evolve our catering service will evolve too in a great commerce. The most importantly the cost of catering service is very cheap in market and when compared with any other caterers. And mostly people are astonished that how could a great ranking caterers in the field may able to provide such a great services in such a low cost. At ease we give an answer to everyone is that our passion for cooking is priceless and we prefer ACS to express the art of catering to the world.


  • We have separate chefs with unique quality in the profession of cooking and the taste of our food menu will make your guest say awesome from their tongue.
  • You can make your own custom menu irrespective number of item and more over any combination you want.
  • We offer you our heaven’s kitchen when and where ever you experience our services.
  • Our kitchen are with most hygienic ones and we also prefer the traditional method in hygienic manner.
  • The vegetables and other ingredients for cooking were bought only from the organic market which are free from any chemicals.
  • Each and every need for cooking are well carried out by our expert chef.
  • Each variety of menu are prepared separately by each chef as we use types of kitchen with regards to your ordered menu.
  • We supply foods with a good manners to your guests as we give training to our employees about the food serving.
  • We never make any partialities to our clients as high budget or low budget clients. You are our clients and so we use well knowledge servers to serve your menu.
  • Before serving each and every food are sampled and verified by the chefs themselves and only after their concern the food are served to your guests.
  • The vessels, plates, bowls, glass, water bottles and even tissues we use and placed in your table are with standard quality and more over they are very hygienic.
  • We provide catering services in the areas where it is very difficult to find top catering services in Coimbatore such as in RS puram, Sulur, Gandhipuram, Kavundampalayam, Saravanampatti, Mettupalayam, Ukkadam, Singanallur, Race course road Coimbatore, rathinasabapathy puram and etc.


The one and only caterers in the field of catering who offers a great service of excellence in catering with such a great privilege and with the very low cost are your beloved ACS caterers.

Make your corporate event catering with ACS caterers and thus we make your event, the most stunning event in the society of Coimbatore.

So why do you waste your precious time with search of caterers? Instead it will gives you a disappointment. So prefer ACS for your catering and make your guests prefer your ideas for the real.

Book your event catering now from ACS and get love from success!!!!!!